Monday, May 03, 2010

Summer of 2010! Europe, here we come!

I just completed my Winter 2010 semester at school. It was so far a good one. I pushed my papers and presentations on the courses of this semester at If you are interested to read my paper about Tabletop Application Testing or Communication Challenges with Distributed Agile Teams, you are most welcome at my site.

However, its time to look ahead to the summer. And I hope this will be a good one! I just received my driving license after a wonderful training from Drashko and Gordana at the Green Light Driving School. If you are looking for a caring and professional driving school in Calgary, I highly recommend them. They will make it easy for you.

Well, driving license comes with an obligation to buy a car :-) I am right now looking for one used car, probably from Toyota, Honda or Nissan, as people told me these are more reliable than others. I am not sure if I will be buying a car soon, but I already got visa for a Europe trip, my first ever. Its gonna be our second honeymoon in the European land :-) We will be going to Norway for attending the XP 2010 conference where I will be presenting my research paper on Email Auto-Tagging with User Stories. However, we are planning to see a part of Amsterdam and Stockholm alongside Norway. I have heard all the good things about these sites during summer... staying tuned to that!

I will also be working on my research project as well as my job at Wairever Inc. This summer will be a busy one. But I am hoping the summer in Calgary will be a lot of fun with friends and at work...

One little realization: I figured out that there are two crowds in the software world. One crowd has lot of respect for open source stuffs like Ruby on Rails and another crowd has that for "established" big players like .Net or Java. With this realization, I am focusing on getting my .Net knowledge in sync with recent developments as of .Net 4.0 and VS 2010. I am always reading the blogs and MSDN... but this time I will look into one/few books that give(s) a complete and detailed picture about the deltas in .Net 4.0.  However, I will keep posting on my Drink Rails blog as usual, almost daily.

Do you have any recommended book for .Net 4.0? Please use the comments area for that.